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Wonderhagen – Contemporary and timeless posters with a Scandinavian edge

Woderhagen is an innovative poster-company, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since 2012, Wonderhagen has created and designed sleek, modern and humorous posters. We have a passion for light design and what started as a creative playground quickly evolved into a popular company with a big following, ensuring that Wonderhagen’s posters can be found in many a Danish and Scandinavian home.

The posters all have their own unique story – the common thread being the inspiration taken from the little moments of everyday life. They all represent a calm, minimalist and modern expression with a clear aesthetic vision. The premise of Wonderhagen is to create meaningful and honest poster art that reflects a playful, exploratory and entertaining design. Recognisable objects and graphic elements are interpreted, twisted and manipulated in the well-known and popular style of Wonderhagen.


Wonderhagen is located in a charming old building in Copenhagen’s old City Centre. The designers keep exploring and expanding the limits of poster art and as the door is always open from inputs and dialogue with young and up-and-coming designers, the company will keep evolving in many years to come. Any inquiries? Contact us here.